07 Jan 2018: Force 83-91 Flyers

Force fall as they are outlasted by visiting Flyers

BBL Championship

Leeds Force 83-91 Bristol Flyers (28-17, 46-41, 61-66)

Bristol Flyers bounced back from Saturday night’s loss to Newcastle to defeat Leeds Force on the road.

The Flyers move back above .500 with the win as they denied their opponents their second win of the campaign.

Leading scorers – Curth 23, Nix 22, Kiyunu 15 (Force) – Goodwin 24, Smith/Weary 14 (Flyers)

Turning point – The Flyers trailed by 10 at 39-29 in the first half, but came out firing in the third period with 25 points to move ahead. Andreas Kapoulas’ side then finished strong in the fourth to secure the win.

Game hero – Rohndell Goodwin netted 16 of his game-high 24 points in the pivotal second half to help the Flyers take control of the game.