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All-Star Five

The All-Star Five represents the BBL’s Team of the Week, recognising the top performing players from the latest round of games across the league.

Players earn their spots based on their Index Rating (also referred to as Performance Points), which is a formula automatically calculated by FIBA LiveStats to generate a value of their performance.

The formula is as follows: (Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks + Fouls drawn) – (Missed field goals + Missed free throws + Turnovers + Shots blocked + Personal fouls)

Only players from winning teams can make the line-up and there can be up to two players from each team.

The top five performing players are highlighted with starting positions – ranked in the order of their Performance Points – with seven places available off the bench to resemble a generic playing roster.

If there is a tie in value, then those players will be ordered alphabetically. However, if a tie occurs for the decisive 5th and final spot in the starting lineup, then special considerations such as the team’s result will be taken into account as well as any key contributions (ie. Player X scoring the game-winner). The same formula is used to decide the 12th and final off the bench spot in the event of a tie.

The All-Star Five is calculated each Monday and announced Tuesday, and includes performances from the last seven days up to and including Sunday night’s fixtures.