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The British Basketball Federation and the British Basketball League take a united and unequivocal stance against the use of all prohibited substances.

We work, and will continue to work, closely with UK Anti-Doping in enforcing our zero-tolerance position on these matters.

Further advice

Players must be fully aware of the risks to their career if they chose to use a supplement product.

The US Antidoping Council (and UKAD) has found that enobosarm, also known as ostarine, is often contained within dietary supplements despite the fact it is not approved for human use or consumption in the UK, US or in any other country. Its use is illegal and therefore will not be listed as an ingredient.

We would like to remind all players there are no guarantees any supplement product is free from banned substances.

See here for UKAD’s guidance on how you can reduce doping risks from supplement use.

Comprehensive information and anti-doping advice is also available from FIBA here

If a player has concerns, they should contact their home country association for assistance.