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BBL Ownership and Decision Making

The British Basketball League (BBL) is the highest level of professional basketball in the UK. But who makes the decision about what the BBL’s rules should be? Who decides what criteria any new franchisees should meet? And who discusses and agrees what the BBL’s future strategic direction should be?

Well it might surprise you to learn that the people who make these decisions for the BBL are, in fact, the clubs themselves. That’s because all of the BBL’s member clubs are also equal shareholders in the BBL itself.

Indeed the clubs are the only shareholders – and therefore the only decision makers – in the BBL, and there are no other parties who vote on the major decisions that affect the BBL’s future.

So when it comes to matters such as determining what the BBL Rules should be, or setting the future strategic direction of the BBL through the Business Plan, it’s the BBL clubs who decide. The Shareholders meet twice a year to discuss and vote on these key decisions.

Because getting eleven separate clubs round the table can be difficult – and because it’s good to get expert strategic advice from those who aren’t involved in the day to day running of a club – the BBL also has a Management Board.

Again, the clubs are in control of the process as they decide exactly who should be on the board, which is made up of an independent chairman and non-executive directors, and a minority of BBL club directors. You can see the current members of the Management Board by clicking here.

The Management Board meet typically every two months to oversee the implementation of the Business Plan, and set and monitor key targets.

They also oversee the work of the senior professional staff who have day to day responsibility for the operation of the BBL and its competitions, major events and marketing communications. The team of staff, including the Chief Operating Officer, is based at the BBL’s Headquarters in Leicester.