Ed Percival Molten BBL Coach of the Year Winners

Season-by-season list of all the Ed Percival Molten BBL Coach of the Year award winners:

Season Coach Club
2016-17 Robert Paternostro Leicester Riders
2015-16 Robert Paternostro Leicester Riders
2014-15 Andreas Kapoulas Bristol Flyers
2013-14 Fabulous Flournoy Newcastle Eagles
2012-13 Robert Paternostro Leicester Riders
2011-12 Fabulous Flournoy Newcastle Eagles
2010-11 Anthony Garbelotto Mersey Tigers
2009-10 Fabulous Flournoy Newcastle Eagles
2008-09 Robert Paternostro Leicester Riders
2007-08 Vincent Macaulay Milton Keynes Lions
2006-07 Paul James Guildford Heat
2005-06 Fabulous Flournoy Newcastle Eagles
2004-05 Fabulous Flournoy Newcastle Eagles
2003-04 Nick Nurse Brighton Bears
2002-03 Chris Finch Sheffield Sharks
2001-02 Robbie Peers Chester Jets
2000-01 Robbie Peers Chester Jets
1999-00 Nick Nurse Manchester Giants
1998-99 Chris Finch Sheffield Sharks
1997-98 Billy Mims Greater London Leopards
1996-97 Mike Burton Chester Jets
1995-96 Kevin Cadle London Towers
1994-95 Jim Brandon Sheffield Sharks
1993-94 Mick Bett Thames Valley Tigers
1992-93 Mick Bett Thames Valley Tigers
1991-92 Kevin Cadle Kingston Kings
1990-91 Kevin Cadle Kingston Kings
1989-90 Kevin Cadle Kingston Kings
1988-89 Kevin Cadle Glasgow Rangers
1987-88 Gary Johnson Calderdale Explorers