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COACHES VIEW: BBL Cup Final Predictions

Ahead of the BBL Cup Final, we got the thoughts of two of the league’s play-callers to find out how they see today’s showdown panning out.

Bristol Flyers’ Andreas Kapoulas

“Two very talented sides and what is promising to be a great game of basketball.

“Worcester with the addition of [Rob] Gilchrist and [Mike] Ojo have a deeper roster and have been playing very well the last couple of months. Cheshire have been very consistent and their chemistry has worked very well.

“[Devan] Bailey’s addition has given the necessary defensive toughness to take on a talented team like Worcester.

“It’s hard to call – I think Worcester are the favourites, however I would not underestimate the passion and resilience this Cheshire side has shown this season.

“The key battle to keep an eye on is the one between the two big fellas [Dallin] Bachynski and [CJ] Gettys. Gettys has surprised a lot of people this season averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds per game, while Bachynski has certainly made an impact on Worcester’s recent form with his 15 points and 9 rebounds contribution per game.”

Leicester Riders’ Rob Paternostro

“It’s going to be important for Worcester to contain [CJ] Gettys because he can be difficult to stop.

“They have [Rob] Gilchrist, [Dallin] Bachynski and [Alejandro] Navajas, so they have different bodies to throw at him.

“For the Wolves, they have a lot of players that can make the 3-point shot and that can open up the floor for them.

“I’m interested to see how the guys who haven’t played in these games react. It’s not about your form coming in, but what you do on the day so that’s exciting to see.”

You can watch today’s Final on the BBC Red Button and website HERE as well as on free-to-air channel FreeSports.