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Competition History

Season League Play-Offs Cup Trophy
2020-21 Leicester Riders Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles London Lions
2019-20 N/A* N/A* Worcester Wolves Newcastle Eagles
2018-19 London Lions Leicester Riders London Lions London City Royals
2017-18 Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Cheshire Phoenix Leicester Riders
2016-17 Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Newcastle Eagles Leicester Riders
2015-16 Leicester Riders Sheffield Sharks Newcastle Eagles Leicester Riders
2014-15 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles
2013-14 Newcastle Eagles Worcester Wolves Leicester Riders Worcester Wolves
2012-13 Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Sheffield Sharks
2011-12 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles
2010-11 Mersey Tigers Mersey Tigers Sheffield Sharks Mersey Tigers
2009-10 Newcastle Eagles Everton Tigers Sheffield Sharks Newcastle Eagles
2008-09 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Everton Tigers Newcastle Eagles
2007-08 Newcastle Eagles Guildford Heat MK Lions Guildford Heat
2006-07 Guildford Heat Newcastle Eagles Guildford Heat Plymouth Raiders
2005-06 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles
2004-05 Chester Jets Newcastle Eagles Brighton Bears Newcastle Eagles
2003-04 Brighton Bears Sheffield Sharks Sheffield Sharks Chester Jets
2002-03 Sheffield Sharks Scottish Rocks Brighton Bears Chester Jets
2001-02 N-Jets/S-Towers Chester Jets Chester Jets Chester Jets
2000-01 N-Sharks/S-Towers Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Chester Jets
1999-00 N-Giants/S-Towers Manchester Giants Sheffield Sharks London Towers
1998-99 Sheffield Sharks London Towers Sheffield Sharks Manchester Giants
1997-98 Greater London Birmingham Bullets Thames Valley Tigers Sheffield Sharks
1996-97 London Leopards London Towers London Leopards London Towers
1995-96 London Towers Birmingham Bullets London Towers London Towers
1994-95 Sheffield Sharks Worthing Bears Sheffield Sharks Thames Valley Tigers
1993-94 Thames Valley Tigers Worthing Bears Worthing Bears Thames Valley Tigers
1992-93 Worthing Bears Worthing Bears Guildford Kings Thames Valley Tigers
1991-92 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings
1990-91 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Sunderland Kingston Kings
1989-90 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings
1988-89 Glasgow Glasgow Bracknell Tigers Bracknell Tigers
1987-88 Portsmouth Livingston Kingston Kings Livingston

Note: Prior to the 2003-04 season, the Cup column refers to the National Cup. From 2003-04 onwards, it refers to the BBL Cup.

*There was no winner of these competitions in this season due to the cancellation of the season due to the outbreak of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.