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Disciplinary panel findings on Rocks v Giants

The Basketball League’s (BBL) Disciplinary Panel has been considering the circumstances of the BBL Cup group stage match between Glasgow Rocks and Manchester Giants on 20th September 2019.

The panel received evidence from the Rocks and relevant officials at the BBL, and reached its decision based on the framework set out in the BBL’s regulations.

Following consideration of the evidence, the findings of the panel are that Glasgow Rocks fielded three ineligible players. The panel noted that the club had acted in good faith, and that in its evidence the club had acknowledged that this was a genuine error on their part.

Based on these findings, the Disciplinary Panel has fined Glasgow Rocks in line with the BBL regulations. The amount of the fine will not be disclosed.

The panel has also ordered that the match be replayed. Only players eligible to take part in the original fixture can take part in the replayed game.