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Flyers offer BBL opportunity to five academy players

Bristol Flyers’ commitment to producing young British talent in the South-West is more alive than ever.

Head Coach Andreas Kapoulas has given a BBL first team opportunity to five of the current SGS Basketball Academy programme as Marvin Dinnall, Louis Weaver, Thomas Browne, Nassim Ladjimi and Finley Woodward will train as part of the wider squad ahead of the 2020-21 campaign.

The Flyers player pathway is comprised of six junior national league teams, ranging from Under-14s, 16s and 18s as well as the SGS Basketball Academy, which allows student athletes to combine their academic and playing commitments.

Former students from the basketball academy have long enjoyed recruitment into further education in the United States, and pursuing professional playing careers with the Flyers.

First Team Assistant Coach Chris Bourne, who also heads up the SGS Basketball Academy, will be working closely with the five academy players, who will also play a key part of the men’s second men’s team, competing in NBL Division two.

“Bringing through homegrown talent will always be a key part of our club’s vision,” said Flyers head coach Andreas Kapoulas.

“Marvin and Louis will look to build on their experiences with the BBL side from last season, whilst Finley, Nassim and Tom have already experienced the senior men’s environment with our Division two programme.

“Over the years we have seen our academy players play significant minutes in the BBL and we look forward to working with these talented and hard working young men this coming season.”