GB v Estonia Group Bookings

We are offering great prices on tickets, including a specially tailored provisional booking process and complimentary adult tickets so that organisers can attend for free – whilst also having available a sample Risk Assessment to help with the planning of your trip.

If you haven’t been to a basketball event why not give it a try? This is the sport of razzmatazaz and fun, simply expect to be entertained and have a day out that will live ion the memory forever!

Below you will find our helpful FAQ section but if you have any other questions please contact us via email at or by calling 0116 266 3339.


Q: What is the Great Britain’s senior men’s basketball team?
A: The Great Britain’s senior men’s basketball team is a selection of Britain’s finest basketball players.

Q: When does the game take place?
A: Friday, June 29, 2018, 7:00pm

Q: Can I get some flyers to help promote the event to my group?
A: Yes of course, simply email or call 0116 266 3339 and we will dispatch. Please note, quantities will be sent to your automatically on receipt of your provisional booking.

Q: I am interested in organising a Group, can I provisionally hold tickets whilst I establish interest?
A: Yes – please complete the booking form (below) and you can hold tickets (without commitment) and confirm them at a later date – once your numbers are finalised. On receipt of your provisional booking we will send you a letter confirming your provisional reservation and include a date by which you need to confirm (or otherwise) your booking. This date is normally 6 weeks from when you make your provisional booking but dependent on the length of time until the event.

Q: Can I change my ticket numbers prior to confirming my booking?
A: Yes of course, until you have confirmed your booking you can either decrease or increase your provisional booking numbers (increase subject to availability but normally possible) or even change price band (or cancel your provisional booking completely).

Q: How do I purchase the tickets?
A: When you confirm your booking you will be issued with a VAT invoice which can be settled by BACS, Cheque payment or debit/credit card. Your tickets will be sent when you confirm your booking and all your seats will be allocated seated together in the Arena.

Q: Can you help with a Risk Assessment?
A: Whilst for legal reasons we are not able to complete a Risk Assessment for you, we can provide you with a sample Risk Assessment that was completed by a club who attended last year’s event. Simply email for more information.

Q: Is there any parking?
A: Yes, the main carpark is on the left and there is an overflow car park on the right. At major events the car park can get very busy.

Q: Can I get some more information?
A: Certainly, just email or call 0116 266 3339 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. On request we will also happily send out maps and directions with your tickets.


We are delighted to inform you that booking tickets is as easy and convenient as ever via our no commitment, provisional booking process especially designed for groups wishing to attend the event.

Step 1 – Simply decide how many tickets you would like to provisionally reserve for your party and in which price band. You can claim 1 free ticket for every 10 that you purchase – the free ticket can be either an adult or child ticket.

Step 2 – Complete the form below and return.

Step 3 – We will send you confirmation of your provisional (no commitment) booking and a date by which you need to confirm (or cancel) your booking. We will also dispatch lots of promotional material to help with the marketing of the event to your group.

Step 4 – On receipt of your confirmed booking, we will send a VAT invoice (which will give you a further 28 days to make payment) to the club and the tickets for the event.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information regarding the booking process or simply contact us ( or call 0116 2663339).