Key Dates

Below is a list of all the key dates for basketball in the UK, make sure to note them down in your diaries.

21 September: 2018-19 BBL Championship commences

28 September: 2018-19 WBBL Championship commences

14 October: 2018 British Basketball All-Stars Championship @ The Copper Box Arena, London

20-21 October: WBBL Cup First Round

26-28 October: BBL Cup First Round

16-18 November: BBL Cup Quarter Finals

17 November: FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2019 Qualifiers: Great Britain v Greece @ National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester

21 November: FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2019 Qualifiers: Great Britain v Greece @¬†National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester

24-25 November: WBBL Cup Quarter Finals

29 November: FIBA Men’s EuroBasket 2021 Pre-Qualifiers: Great Britain v Austria @¬†National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester

7-9 December: BBL Cup Semi-Finals

15 December: WBBL Cup Semi-Finals

21-23 December: BBL Trophy First Round

11 January: BBL Trophy Quarter-Finals

15 January: Basketball England and NBA Coaching Clinic

19 January: BE Junior National Cup

20 January: BE Senior National Cup

27 January: 2019 British Basketball Cup Finals @ Arena Brimingham, Birmingham

2-3 February: 2019 SBC Scottish Cup Finals @ Oriam, Edinburgh

5-17 February: WBBL Trophy Group Stages

8-10 February: BBL Trophy Semi-Finals

10 February: BE Senior Cup Finals

23-24 February: WBBL Trophy Semi-Finals

10 March: 2019 British Basketball Trophy Finals @ Emirates Arena, Glasgow

27 March: BE Academy Finals

28 March: BE School Finals

30-31 March: 2019 SBC Play-Off Finals @ Oriam, Edinburgh

20-21 April: WBBL Championship concludes

27-28 April: WBBL Play-Off Quarter Finals

27-28 April: BE Senior Play-Off Finals

28 April: BBL Championship concludes

3-5 May: BBL Play-Off Quarter Finals

4-5 May: WBBL Play-Off Semi-Finals

4-5 May: BE Junior Final Four

10-12 May: BBL Play-Off Semi-Finals

10-12 May: BE School Finals

19 May: 2019 British Basketball Play-Off Finals @ The O2, London

6-8 Sept: BE National Game Conference