In the BBL there are two types of Officials – Referees & Table Officials.

There are 3 Referees and 3 Table Officials appointed to each game.

For the Rules of the Game please click here to visit the FIBA website

In the UK the sport’s National Governing bodies (Basketball England, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales) are responsible for all aspects of officiating including any awards made in respect of the grading of officials.

The BBL is responsible for the appointment, assessment and development of the officials in BBL competitions, in conjunction with the relevant governing body.

Selection Of Officials To BBL Games

Clearly BBL want the best available Officials to be covering our games. As such we are committed to working in tandem with the relevant governing body to help to nurture and further develop all Officials.

In the UK we are fortunate to have lots of talented officials, many of whom are recognised internationally by FIBA, and as such also officiate at high level European games.

The selection of an Official to the BBL Group is done in consultation with the relevant governing body and is strongly aligned to their grading system.

How to Become A Qualified Referee or Table Officials

In the UK the sport’s National Governing bodies are responsible for the development of new officials. If you’re interested follow the relevant link below:

Basketball England

Basketball Scotland

Basketball Wales