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Phoenix bounce back from previous night’s loss

BBL Championship

Cheshire Phoenix 83-78 B. Braun Sheffield Sharks (25-16, 53-30, 68-56)
(Phoenix – Hayes 28, Jackson-Cartwright 19, Flannigan 16; Sharks – Marsden 18, Lewis 17, McKnight 17)

Cheshire Phoenix bounced back from their previous night’s loss Sunday, defeating B. Braun Sheffield Sharks 83-78.

Having fallen to Bristol Flyers in a double-overtime thriller on Saturday night, the Nix returned home in front of a packed Cheshire Oaks Arena crowd seeking their fifth Championship win.

Things started to look very positive for Cheshire, heading into half-time with a 23-point lead over the visiting Sharks. However, it was half-way through the third quarter when Sheffield began to mount their comeback, going on a 11-0 run to bring them back into the game.

With just over two minutes remaining in the final period, Sharks found themselves trailing by 11 but a 6-0 run brought the trail to just five as Sheffield began to heap on the pressure to a likely fatigued Cheshire.

A pair of free-throws and a two-pointer from Connor Cashaw saw the difference come down to just two with 30 seconds remaining.

As Sharks began to foul, Cheshire had to make sure their free throwing was on point, and it sure was, knocking down 5/6 to give them a lead of five, enough to hold off Sheffield until the final buzzer.