Player Views: BBL Trophy Final Predictions

Ahead of today’s BBL Trophy Final, we asked around the league to get the thoughts of Tayo Ogedengbe, Drew Lasker and Malcolm Riley.

Leicester Riders and DBL Sharks Sheffield go head-to-head for the second piece of silverware up for grabs in the 2017-18 season.

Tayo Ogedengbe, Surrey Scorchers

“I’m looking forward to an exciting game – both teams are packed with talented players.

“Leicester have been very consistent during the course of the season so we know to expect a high standard of basketball from them and Sheffield have been a very dangerous team no matter who they come up against.

“If Leicester are on form on the night, they are tough to beat, but we can’t rule out Sheffield as they are also a proven side.”

Drew Lasker, Esh Group Eagles Newcastle

“It’s a tough call! My sensible side of me is saying Riders. They are in top form at the moment and besides their early January loss to us, it seems as though they are unbeatable.

“However, Thomo’s [Andy Thomson] questionable status plays a big role for me. If he isn’t healthy, Riders are missing one of the best Finals winning percentage in BBL history.

“On the other hand, Sharks have nothing to lose and just recently lost which plays in their hand as they are forced to make adjustments. I’ve seen this song before in the Play-Offs [2016] and the Trophy Final back in 2013.

“So, I’ll go with the latter. 69-62 Sharks.”

Malcolm Riley, Cheshire Phoenix

“I expect a VERY physical game. Two teams that play really hard and have great size on both ends.

“It’s going to be very exciting to watch, but I think it will come down to what team has the better game-plan. They match up so well and two great coaches so now it comes down to execution.

“But of course, I’m going to be rooting for my old club the Sharks!”

You can watch today’s Final LIVE on FreeSports TV channel and on the BBC Sport website as well as the Red Button.