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Sharks welcome the return of the Mack

The B Braun Sharks are thrilled to announce the return of favourite point guard Mackey McKnight for a third season. Despite a hiatus from the club last year, McKnight returned to help turn around the Sharks fortunes following the departure of players for personal reasons.

The Houston native enjoyed a consistent professional career but came to Sheffield averaging 11pts, 2 steals and 6 assists per game which put the Sharks in the battle for top 4 in the league and Play-Off semi-finals.

“Mackey is a personality that works well towards leading a team and keeping morale at the optimum as well as making his own contribution to every game,” said Coach Lyons. “We had a really good experience on his return last season, and I think we can build on that.”

The return of the Mack will be the only returning American at the Sharks for the season ahead so far, with Dirk Williams announcing his signing with a top Hungary side.
“I am excited, I think I have proven to the coach I want to be here, and I want to help shape the new additions to the Sharks,” said McKnight. “I am looking forward to the challenge of leading a side capable of competing at the top, its exciting, of course I love Sheffield it’s a great place to live and hopefully we can return the silverware.”

The Sharks have made a number of adjustments to ensure a growth of young players as well as the existing veteran staff.

“Every coach wants consistency of good players but sometimes we need to accept personal circumstances and that can have a knock-on effect,” stated Lyons. “I am very happy with my returnees so far I’m looking forward to the season ahead.”